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Welcome to Australian Fine Artist, Joy Engelman's website!

Joy Engelman is a fine artist living in the Central West of New SouthWales, Australia. She is well known for her landscape paintings, artworks and images, including photographs, of the region and western desert. Engelman works in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, drawings in conte crayon and other media.

Joy has an established career as an Australian artist with over 35 years of experience in teaching, work shops and exhibiting in the arts. There are over 700 paintings hanging on a wall somewhere. Her CV is extensive with many group and solo exhibitions in Sydney (Holdsworth Galleries), Canberra, Bathurst and the Blue Mountains. She has been highly awarded in the arts over the years and is included in anthologies of Australian Artists. Joy has sold paintings internationally as well as nationally. Her curriculum vitae can be found here.

In December 2007, Joy Engelman exhibited a large landscape painting of the western desert at the Florence Biennale in Italy as an invited artist. Joy was awarded the Lorenzo il Magnifico Award for her triptych. Engelman was invited to return to Italy to exhibit at the Estense Castle in Ferrara in 2008. One of the Biennale Judes, Matty Roca, has sent Joy a personal invtiation to participate in World Art Vision Cancun Mexico. This is a great honour, and Joy is currently preparing an artwork for this in late 2010.

Joy is an Outback painter having travelled the desert areas and countryside that she loves west of Orange NSW. Mixed media, mainly acrylics and inks on canvas and paper, are the mediums that Joy chooses for her most expressive and large works. These fine art works demonstrate the range of techniques that Joy can call on to create her surreal landscapes.

Every painting and image on this website is the sole work of Australian Artist, Joy Engelman and is authenticated and certified as the orginal work of the artist.

Joy Engelman Outback Painting

Mungo Panels

Joy Enelman at InSiteOut

Installation at In Site Out - November 2007 at Orange Botanic Gardens


Joy Engelman at National Archives Canberra

"The Spirit of the Land" - Joy Engelman and Ngairi Reynolds
"Drawing Together" Awards - Canberra July 2007
Australian National Archives
Painting purchased by the Federal Dept of Envionment, Water, Heritage and the Arts

One of Joy's greatest loves is watercolours which she uses to express her love of nature and especially flowers. She paints these now to celebrate the life of her mother, with whom she had a special relationship and spent many hours collecting flowers and gardening. Her love of Irises comes from the collection that her mother put together.

Photography is another area that Joy uses to pursue and document her particular 'way of seeing'. She has a large collection of Australian images that has been developed over her lifetime as an artist. During these past 5 years, Joy has expanded her love of photography into a study of digital art and in particular, Illustrator and Photoshop.


The work on this website is only intended to be a guide of some of Joy's artwork and in no way reflects the depth and quality of the finished painting. An artwork can only be truly valued in its original form.

Copyright is retained by the artist and her family unless expressly given in writing to the purchaser and at an additional cost. Please feel free to browse the website, but please do not copy images or paintings for commercial purposes. To protect copyright, large format images are not available on this site.

Always keep in mind that true art will always be the experience when the viewer comes into contact with the original painting. Anything else is always a lesser experience.