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Next wilderness/outback workshops: TBA on Wilderists.Inc blog

Limited Edition Painting Workshops with Joy Engelman to begin 2018


From 2012-2017 a number of outback art workshops were held by me out in the desert and outback areas of Australia, but now we are looking for another adventure!

The Wild Women of Arkaroola PLUS have becomeknown as the WILDERISTS!

Our journey together over recent years, has led us to declare in a bold move, a new arts movement "Wilderism" - those that love to explore and be inspired by the wilderness.
All future workshops in wilderness areas and the outback will be under the auspices of Wilderists.Inc, our group of contemporary landscape artists and lovers.


ABC OPEN: Story and Video from a previous visit

On the Ridge Top Tour at Arkaroola - Siller's Lookout - The top of the world (or is it the bottom?)

Jane Tonks - Australian Artist - Jane's blog & photos - On her return, Jane had this to say about the experience "My trip to Arkaroola wilderness sanctuary was one of those life changing and unforgettable experiences. I will never look at landscape the same way after being completely immersed in such an ancient, spiritual landscape! I want to thank artist, Joy Engelman for her outstanding organisational skills, the enormous effort that she has put into the trip to Arkaroola and her generosity, sharing with us her very knowledgeable artistic tuition. I had a fabulous time and really enjoyed being able to share this experience with this wonderful bunch of artists."

Jacqueline Wilson - new to painting has said "Words to describe my experience are difficult to find to do it justice. Superb, spectacular, phenomenal, magic are good but don't quite tell it all. The ambience that soaked right into my soul and blocked out the worries I'd left behind gave me a peace and feeling of tranquillity whilst surrounded by those mountains and rocks and colour. I'm sure you all know what I mean."

Rozzi Smith - artist & writer says "I am much more confident with my art work since Arkaroola - and looking forward to taking part in exhibition - looking over our photos I started to miss those fab. orange colours, hills, gorges, creek beds, and the purple mountains in the distance - I think the whole area and the little towns below (like Hawker, my favourite) get into one's mind and heart

John Cahill - watercolourist says This is just a short note to say a big thanks for all the dedication ,energy, skill, caring you used in making the past week such a memorable one for both Jane and I. We were wondering if the road is closed now that the rain has arrived in force. Hopefully there will be a whole string of masterpieces churned out over the next few weeks. Once again a BIG THANK YOU!"

Cherelynne Carden - aspiring artist says "Arkaroola and Joy Engelman are an energetic fusion of a raw and impressive landscape with an inspirational and motivated artist not to be missed!
I cannot promise that that you will know where to start painting this wonderful place however, I can guarantee you will laugh yourself silly… too much fun!"

Bev Duncan - artist says "for me the whole trip was a wonderful trouble-free experience. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The studio and proximity of accommodation was very good. The excursions were truly marvellous. Your tuition was wonderful and it was very interesting to watch you paint. As always it is excellent to observe fellow artists as they create and grow. I think I could have done with an extra day or two to actually get more done."