Australian artist with a concern for the environment and the damage done by humanity

Engelman says of her work :

“Born with paint in her blood and a brush in her hand” my mother would say, I have spent over half a century in the pursuit of an art’s life. My passion for art has no bounds and I find all forms of human expression intriguing.

The constant golden thread that has stitched all the various pieces of my life together has been the arts – from painting, to writing and philosophy. The burning question has always been “What else?” and so a life of exploration has been undertaken. Some of this exploration has been public but mostly, it remains a private undertaking in the studio or within the soul.

The only way to fully express the vast chaos and infinite richness has been through the application of paint to paper and canvas so I have explored new ways of applying paints, various surfaces and techniques, different ideas and subjects… many of these I have passed on through teaching and mentoring over the years and it has always been satisfying to find an artwork where someone has been inspired by something I may have done in the past and repurposed into their own.

A lot of my life has been spent dreaming of ‘flying’, seeing the landscape from above, whilst other times, I have buried my ‘self’ in forests. Many plane trips have burned images of the fascinating Australian landscape into my soul only to emerge in images later. My favourite past-time is to ‘google earth’ where I can dream myself into ‘flying as an eagle above the landscape’. During 2009-2010, I wrote a monograph to make sense of my life as an artist. This was released at my 30 year survey held at the Orange Regional Gallery in 2010 in a limited edition of 100 signed books.

Current works are an exploration of this ancient and sacred land – our “Mother Earth” through journeys into the desert regions of the outback and recording the colours, forms, shapes and energy lines.

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