Joy Engelman – Artist

Engelman is an Australian outback artist, photographer and explorer with a great love for the colours of Australia’s ancient landscapes. Joy is well known and has received international recognition for her environmental statements in art.

My art in Italy!

This September, one of my artworks has been selected by Adelinda Allegretti, art historian, curator and journalist to hang in the exhibition “Fire – walk with me”. The exhibition will be held in Casoria just outside Naples at the Casoria Contemporary Art Museum. This is the third time I have been exhibited in Italy soContinue reading “My art in Italy!”

Hi art lovers!

My guess is that if you have found yourself here at my website, then you are an art lover of some sort, maybe a painter yourself, or a gallerist, or even someone looking around for inspiration! Art is the life blood of our world. It underpins everything we do! From when we get up inContinue reading “Hi art lovers!”

Hi everyone

I am very new at this way of doing things so bear with me while I learn. For many years, I have painted the Aussie landscape, exploring the outback since the 80s, and bringing to my artworks the energies and colours of our fabulous desert landscapes and wild places. What intrigues me is the wayContinue reading “Hi everyone”